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Join the Board! 

Now Accepting New Members for 2024-2025

We are currently seeking new members for the upcoming fiscal year. Becoming a member is an excellent opportunity to provide leadership for the well-being of our communities, their families, and most importantly, for our children. 

To ensure that we have a well-rounded and diverse board, we are currently looking for those who are dedicated and committed, able to lead, straightforward, and trustworthy. Experience as an educator, youth counselor, or sports coach is a PLUS.

What is all involved as a GPEC Advisory Board Member?

-influence and develop policy

-participate in fundraising

-develop marketing strategies

-build community relationships

-provide budgetary oversight

-encourage current  and prospective staff

-participate in strategic planning

The Board meets once a month, and members are expected to actively participate on at least one committee. The members are also asked to attend and support the organization's community events.

If you would like more information about this wonderful opportunity, please contact our Executive Director. 

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