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Homeschool Essentials: What Do You Need to Get Started?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Are you beginning to homeschool your child? Not sure how to start?

Here are some essentials to help you get started.

1. Study Room or Area

Create an area that is quiet and mostly free of distractions. I recently created a space that my son can use that is both comfortable and caters to his educational needs. The key things that are needed for a great learning area are:

2. White Boards and Dry Erase Markers

When teaching lessons or providing practice, I have found that white boards and dry erase markers are a MUST! 😀They are easy to use and also reusable. We use mini boards as well as the large ones. The mini-boards are used with individual practice or fun activities. The larger whiteboards is where I would place the agenda or demonstrate instruction.

3. Art Supplies

For all projects or fun activities during instructional lessons, art supplies are needed. It adds more excitement and creativity to learning. I have to keep washable paint, paintbrushes, markers, crayons, model clay, scissors, glue, and construction paper. Other art supplies has been collected throughout the year that assists in other projects as well.🤓This may include recyclable materials for science or even boxes/paper.

4. Display Space

Boosting confidence is VERY important in the learning process. What is more helpful in boosting confidence by displaying your child's work? I have noticed that my son, who is a middle schooler, shows more pride in his work hoping to be placed on display.☺️ I made sure that it is in an area that family and visitors are able to view. It also becomes a conversation piece among our family and friends which allows him to communicate his learning.

5. Lesson Planner

Whether digital or physical, a planner comes in handy. It helps me stay organized. Everything is planned including the unit and lessons. I am also able to view what field trips/experiences or even appointments are coming up that may affect our learning. This planner is one that I use to help me in my lessons and keeps me focused. I LOVE IT! 😍

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