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About Guiding Path Enrichment Center

Guiding Path Enrichment Center (GPEC) is a tutoring organization located and serving Augusta, Georgia. Guiding Path Enrichment Center’s mission is to enrich children's lives by guiding them through educational tutoring, career development, GED testing/classes, and scholarship assistance. We serve children between the ages of seven and seventeen that are enrolled in the local schools. GPEC also works closely with parents, teachers, and school administrators to accommodate every child’s needs and provide quality assistance.

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Guiding Path Enrichment Center (GPEC) will educationally expand the lives of adolescents throughout the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). We will provide educational guidance and assistance with all our students' career choices. Our focus is to help our students realize the importance of education. Our educators will be a guiding force to enhance each students’ individual learning process. Our team will implement strong, diverse, and innovative ideas that will adhere to the current Georgia curriculum. Guiding Path Enrichment Center’s mission is to confidently broaden, strengthen, and inspire our students' minds. We believe at GPEC that every child can learn if given the assurance that they are our priority. 

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Guiding Path Enrichment Center envisions an organization that guides students into their path of purpose transforming into passion by advocating education.

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