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The Isobel Adds It Up Math and Reading Lesson Plan is a five-day lesson plan including a word problem story activity for Isobel Adds It Up by Kristy Everington. This unit plan focuses on reading, writing, and math along while utilizing critical thinking and collaboration skills. Please note that the book is not included in this resource.


Learning Topics:

- Reading: Literature

- Critical Thinking Skills

- Speaking and Listening Skills

- Operational and Algebraic Thinking

- Writing: Short Story Production/Narrative


Isobel Adds It Up by Kristy Everington


Included in this download is:

- 5 interactive lesson plan for Isobel Adds It Up by Kristy Everington

- 2 interactive game boards including printable/editable game cards

- Word Story Problem Rubric

- Downloadable Anchor Charts

- much more...



Isobel Adds It Up Unit Plan

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