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The Ruby's Hope Historical Fiction Unit Plan is an eight-day lesson unit plan for the historical fiction picture book, Ruby's Hope by Monica Kulling. This unit plan focuses on reading, photography, and history while utilizing creative thinking and inferencing skills. Please note that the book is not included in this resource.


Learning Topics:

- Reading: Literature

- Research-Based Learning

- Creative Thinking Skills

- Speaking and Listening Skills

- Social Studies: The Great Depression

- Art: Art Criticism and Photography


Ruby's Hope: A Story of How the Famous "Migrant Mother" Photograph Became the Face of the Great Depression by Monica Kulling


Included in this download is:

- 8 interactive lesson plan for Ruby's Hope by Monica Kulling

- Anticipation Guide

- Gallery Walk

- Downloadable Anchor Chart

- Comprehension quiz, worksheets, and activities

- Vocabulary words

- Unit Project/Rubric

- much more...



Ruby's Hope Historical Fiction Unit Plan

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